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dsb+ is a boutique design firm founded in 2002 by a husband and wife team: Cristina Corfu & Kevin Pellón, offering full architecture & interior design services in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut. 

Our philosophy

LISTENING: Each partner with over 20 years of experience understands that listening is the most important trait of a sensitive designer.

HAPPINESS: Happiness & enthusiasm when designing coupled with the ability to work well with others is essential to the success of any project. 

RIGOR NOT EGO: Creativity and a rigorous work ethic will always out perform ego driven design.

REPUTATION: dsb+ does not market it's services in publications but instead relies purely on recommendations from clients and from repeat business of our core clients.

TRANSPARENCY: dsb+  acts solely on behalf of clients with no association to builders or vendors. We can suggest builders who have performed well recently. We do not offer nor receive remuneration for leads. 

NO SURPRISES: dsb+ provides flat fees for their services, encompassing everything logically needed to complete a project.

GENEROSITY: dsb+ provides free planning & zoning reviews, feasibility studies & construction cost consultations as sharing knowledge leads to greater things.

SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: dsb+ works in an environmentally ethical way, from their internal office practices to the choices of construction methods and materials.


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